New worldwide impact for Bolsover Festival of Brass

The Bolsover Festival of Brass entertainment contest has announced that it has launched a brand new website which they hope will not only further enhance the competition’s worldwide profile, but will make it easier for bands to sign up to take part — including the 2022 event scheduled for October.


The festival has become a popular entertainment showcase for bands of all levels — boosted by its live-stream broadcast around the globe which is now supported by its key partner, Warwick Music Group.


The link to the British Open Championships means that the highest placed qualifying band in the Championship Section gains an invitation to the Spring Festival.

Be part of it

A spokesperson told 4BR: “We’re delighted to launch the new website which gives a real taste of what the event is all about — and how bands can be a part of it.

It’s packed full of information, great images and all the essential requirements about how to enter. The support we have gained from our competing bands has been incredible over the years and we wish to carry on building on the event’s success with them at the core and with the support of sponsors such as Warwick Music Group and others.”

2022 Contest.

The 2022 event will take place at Shirebrook Academy, Common Lane, Shirebrook, Derbyshire NG20 8QF on Saturday 1st October (1st to 4th Sections) and Sunday 2nd October (Championship Section) commencing at 10am running in two halls simultaneously on Saturday 1st October.

There are five sections (Championship, First, Second, Third and Fourth) with competing bands all performing a 20-minute programme of entertaining music with a featured soloist.

Further details

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